We Do Our Own Stunts

Full Disclosure: The Stunt Puppy gear featured here was provided free of charge for the purpose of being tested and reviewed. I’m also friends with one of the HMFICs. I don’t plan on letting either of those facts sway my comments but y’all deserve to know. Moving on…

You know how it goes when you get into something new and have to start buying gear. Searching online, reading reviews, talking to friends. You worked hard for your money and you don’t want to waste it. So you do your research and you cross your fingers and make your decision and then start posting on social media about how excited you are with your new life choice only to get a message like this from one of your friends:

“Dude, &*#@wear? I’m pained. This link is to my company! Check it out.”

My bad homie. In my defense I didn’t realize I had a friend in the business. Probably would have made things a lot easier from the beginning. Misconceptions cleared up though and a few IMs later and Milo was due a whole new set of kit courtesy of my buddy and Stunt Puppy. I mean how could I say no to such an obvious cry for help? The universe really knows how to bring people in need together.

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