Stunt Puppy Leash & Harness (Video!)

(Harness and leash in action!)

I’m working on a proper review and write-up but in the meantime I’m excited enough with the new Stunt Puppy gear I wanted to share a quick video of the leash and harness in action. I’ll say up front one of the things I’m really loving is how responsive Milo is to the feedback he gets via the leash and harness and that’s exactly what you’re going to see here.

In this video we’re coming up on a busy intersection. Just as we come up to the curve I drop down from a run to a walk. It’s worth pointing out I have the leash adjusted down to its shortest length (as mentioned previously the adjustable ability of the leash is a huge benefit in my book). You can see as soon as I stop running and the leash tightens Milo gets enough solid feedback that he drops his own pace and comes back to me without having to be pulled or commanded.

With my previous hands-free leash and harness I felt like I was an anchor point that the dog was attached to. With the Stunt Runner™ leash and the Go Dog Glo™ harness I feel more like we’re both two ends of the same piece, each of us moving in concert with the other. It creates a sense of confidence and ease, not to mention comfort, that has definitely added to the enjoyment I get from running with Milo.

One More On The Pile

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